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Acorn 5 Has Arrived.

Shape Processor

Shape processors are filters for shape layers which allow you to move, tweak, generate, and adjust shapes. Best of all, the shape processors are non-destructible and stackable just like Acorn’s filters.

Circle Text Tool

Quickly and easily place your text on a circle to create logos and other useful text designs. Modify your text with on-canvas controls for circle radius, rotation, and inversion. Use the baseline and kerning sliders to get things looking just right.

Photoshop Brush Import

Acorn will now import Photoshop brush files (.abr). Just drag and drop the Photoshop brush file onto Acorn to import and make new brushes. 

Improved Crop

Trim out parts of your image and even rotate your image while you crop to make the perfect scene. You can even use the crop tool to quickly increase the size of your canvas.

Non-Destructive Levels and Curves

Levels and Curves have joined all the other non-destructive filters in Acorn. You can use Levels and Curves on both bitmap and shape layers, and even save your Curves as a preset for quick editing in the future.

New Filters and Blend Modes

Pin Light and Mask are two of the newest blending modes Acorn has to offer. Acorn also has new filters including Offset, Redraw, and Remove Color Cast, as well as additional options for using filters on selections.

Soft Brushes for Clone, Burn, Etc

The Clone, Paint, Smudge, Dodge, Burn, and other tools that work on pixels now have their own super configurable brushes with Acorn’s awesome brush designer. Now you can have scatter for the Clone tool, or adjust flow and softness for the Burn tool. The options are endless.


Use Acorn’s snapping to line things up perfectly. Snap to grid, guides, selections, shapes, layers, and the canvas.

Hundreds of Little Improvements

PDF import options, editable Exif data, Bézier and star shape tool improvements to name only a few. It all adds up to make Acorn even nicer. All the gory and technical details can be found in the release notes

What Else Can Acorn Do?

Powerful Image Editing

Use non-destructive curves, levels, and filters. Add layer masks and selections to touch up your images or make something entirely new.

Vector Tools

Stars, arrows, Bézier curves, boolean operations, and text tools are just a few of the vector features awaiting you.

Custom Brushes & More

Acorn includes a built-in brush designer, multi-stop gradients, web export, retina canvas support, and is scriptable and automatable.
Acorn’s crop tool lets you edit photos and pictures like a pro Non-destructive filters rock. Create fun photo effects using the text tool and layer filters Use Web Export to optimize and save your image for the web in a variety of formats

Batch Edit

Automator can be used with Acorn to batch process images including watermarking, scaling, trimming, exporting, cropping, and more.

Non-Destructive Filters

Acorn merges layer styles and filters together into one happy UI. Combine filters together to create endless combinations of unique effects knowing you can always change your mind later on. Customize your own presets and use the on-canvas controls to get things looking just right.


Adjust the tonal response and even the individual color channels to perfect the mid-tones, shadows, highlights, and contrast in your images. Create presets to quickly make the adjustments you need.

Raw Image Import

You have a nice camera, but you also need a nice app to import your high resolution images. Acorn is that app. And if your SLR supports more than 8 bits per component, Acorn has you covered as well. Import your images as 32, 64, or even 128 bit images.

Boolean Shape Operations

Union, intersect, difference, and exclude. Perform boolean operations with multiple shapes to make complex vectors in your images.

Photo Effects

Tilt shift, vignette, drop shadow, sharpening, distortions, blurs and over a hundred more. With Acorn’s filter panel, adding effects to your images has never been so easy.

Shape Tools

Stars, arrows, and a Bézier anchor selection tool await you in Acorn 5. Modify the points of a star to create triangles, diamonds, and other variations! Rotate your text and shapes upside down and every which way. You’ve got it in Acorn.

PSD Import and Export

Acorn offers support for loading PSD images, and for exporting your images as layered Photoshop files.
Use non-destructive curves and levels Make collages of your favorite moments. The processor is amazing. Awesome text editing.

Retina Canvas

Acorn has native support for Apple’s Retina displays. Your pictures will look absolutely stunning on your Retina MacBook Pro.

Text Tool

Acorn gives you control over your text in an easy-to-use interface. Everything is in the text palette from bold and italic to kerning and ligatures. There’s even spell check.

Clone, Dodge, Burn, & Smudge

Use traditional photography techniques such as dodge and burn to highlight and darken your images. Acorn’s customizable clone, blur, and smudge brushes will have your photos looking great.

Instant Alpha

Powerful eraser tools like Instant Alpha make removing photo backgrounds and other unwanted pixels from your images both fast and fun.

Multi-Stop Live Gradients

Are two color gradients not enough for you? With Acorn’s multi-stop gradients, you have infinite rainbows at your fingertips.

Vector Chops

Convert text to Bézier paths, add and subtract Bézier points, and have your edges snap to pixel boundaries for precise alignment.

Web Export

Optimize and export your images as PNG, JPEG, JPEG 2000, and GIF.

Create Custom Brushes

Use Acorn’s built-in brush designer to create new brushes or alter existing ones. Test your strokes out and watch them instantly update as you change the settings.

Scriptable and Automatable

Automate Acorn and perform batch image editing using Automator, AppleScript, and JavaScript. You can even write custom plugins for Acorn.


Acorn can create layered screenshots of every window you have open on your computer. It’s magic.


Create custom selections, invert, feather, and even add a corner radius. Or, if you’re looking to quickly select an entire color, try using the magic wand. Switch into Quickmask mode to edit your selections like never before.

Layer Masks

Use layer masks in your image to block out unwanted areas of your image or to expose layers below. Additionally Acorn 5’s Mask blend mode allows you to use your layer to clip what’s below it.


Are there differences between the Direct and App Store versions of Acorn?
Yes, there are some small differences. Make sure to check out our larger FAQ for all the gory details.

Does Acorn open up layered Photoshop files?
Yes! Acorn will open up layered 32bit PSD to the best of its ability. The only app that’s going to be 100% compatible with .psd files is the latest version of Adobe’s Photoshop of course.

Does Acorn use a subscription?
Nope! We have a simple philosophy- you buy a thing, you get a thing.

I’m not running 10.10+, can I still use Acorn?
Here’s the lowdown: Acorn 5 requires 10.10+. Acorn 4 requires 10.8+. Both Acorn 2 and 3 require 10.6+. Acorn 1.5.5 runs on 10.4+. If you wish to purchase Acorn 1, 3, or 4 go ahead and buy Acorn 5. Acorn 4.5.6 will accept Acorn 5 registration numbers. But if you need an Acorn 3.x or 1.x registration, email and let us know your registration name and number and we will make you a new one that works with an older version of Acorn.

Want to know more?
Make sure to check out our extensive documentation and FAQ, and we’re of course always ready to answer questions at

And of course Acorn has won some awesome awards:
Acorn received the Macworld 2009 Eddy Award Acorn is a Macworld Editors’ Choice

Need an older version of Acorn? You can grab previous releases here.